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How to Sell Your Home Right and Fast

Statistics show us that selling a home takes about nine weeks, and only 93% of the asking price is actually brought in. So does your home become an exception by getting sold faster and for more?

Pick the right agent.

Request at least three agents to evaluate your home and show you some similar properties that they sold recently. Talk to some of their former clients, or do some mystery shopping yourself and know the types of properties they sell.

Are negotiators punctual?

Is the Saturday team composed of pros? Your agent should have a simple, easy-to-navigate website and use all existing property portals.

Demand a high-quality brochure.

Obtain a copy of the best house brochure for a comparable property in your area and show it to your agent. Tell him you want something as good. Your sales information need to include a floor plan, a room by room description and a background of the area. These brochures should all be printed before the first potential buyer visits your home.

Make it easy for people to see your home.

Nothing is more frustrating to buyers than an agent saying that the vendor is not free for a viewing. If your agent is too busy, be the one to supervise the viewing. And be flexible, even if things get inconvenient.

Have an open house.

If your house is taking too long to sell, tell your estate agent to provide a two-hour window for home viewing. Invite some of your relatives and friends, and have some extra staff available so the attendees feel special. An open house attracts people’s attention, and may encourage better offers.

Invest in exceptional photos.

Advanced quality photos of your home and landscape are essential. Using the services of a professional photographer has its merits.

Give your agent an incentive.

Give your agent an extra half percent if he sells your house in six weeks. A 12-week contract is too long. Four weeks provides the option of having a second agent, creating competition for selling.

Get your house in tiptop shape.

Finalize any pending DIY jobs, and begin taking pictures only after you’ve perfected the paintwork. Note that maintenance is always high on any buyer’s agenda. Buyers want a house they can readily move into.

Be organized.

A third of sales don’t make it, so don’t give the buyer more than needed. Allow a conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf, so that the deal progresses as quickly as possible. Delays give buyers the chance to change their mind. Don’t give them that opportunity.

Stay open.

Finally, let the client move at a date they want to, even if you have to be inconvenienced for a while. Any short-lived hassle will be worth it to grab a deal in a competitive market.