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Common Questions about Tax Returns Questions about filing tax returns abound during tax season. What questions do most taxpayers ask? Here are some of the commonly asked questions together with the answers. What documents do taxpayers need to do their taxes?Two forms are sent to taxpayers in the mail, one from the employer and the other is a form for bank interest from your savings account.The social security numbers of each family member who are your dependents are also important information that you need. The amount that you have given for charitable contributions can bring tax saving, so you need to prepare the receipts that you have accumulated for these acts of kindness. Those that did not make much income during the year would ask if they still need to file their tax return.Yes they still need to file their tax return. Even without a big income you can still be eligible for tax refunds on withheld federal income tax if eligible for tax credits. There are a lot of unclaimed tax refunds from people who did not file their tax return due to low income.There is a three-year window for claiming tax refunds which are not yet claimed.
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One of the common questions asked has to do with qualified dependents.Sometimes we just consider children as our dependents but this is not always the case because anybody who depends on your income for sustenance can qualify for a deduction in your taxes.
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The common questions most parents ask is whether they can have tax deductions and credits for their children. To reduce a parents taxable amount, they can get exemptions from each child living with them.Payment for child care can be used by parents to get eligibility for tax credits. For low and middle income facilities, tax credits can be had for three of more children. Children under 17 can get child tax credit available for big families. Parents who have children in college ask what tax benefits are available for them. Because of the high cost of a college education, the tax code has made provision for parents to give them relief from this. With deductions in your tax return you can save money for your child’s college expenses.Some of the items that can be deducted from your tax returns include tuition, fees, and supplies. Another tax credit is called the opportunity tax credit which you can use to credit your child’s tuition, fees, books and equipment.Educational institutions are paid for your child’s college tuition, fees, and supplies, through the lifetime learning credit. There is also the tuition and fees deduction which is an education benefit given to families with college students that lets you deduct college expenses from your taxable income.