Why choose a log home?

Why choose a log home?

Buying a log home is something that a lot of us would like to do; it takes us away from reality and into a world we usually only associate with vacation. There are various reasons why a log home is an amazing investment. Continue reading to find out why you should choose a log home.

Great investment

It may seem hard to believe, but log homes tend to be built to a higher standard than your average house – it takes real craftsmanship. Also, as log homes are usually built by their owners, they often include very personal touches. This is what puts log homes above the rest, making them a great investment. Log homes will nearly always achieve a profit on sale.

Strong & durable

Log homes are surprisingly stable and durable. During periods of severe weather, including natural disasters like hurricane Katrina, log homes have stood firm, not showing any signs of destruction. As log homes are made from hard wood, not drywall and frames, they have the ability to stand strong with whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Energy & sound efficient

This long-running idea that log homes are cozy and snuggly is not just some dreamt-up view. It is a fact that hard wood as a material works with thermal mass, meaning you will never have to worry about using heating or air conditioning. The wood is able to regulate the internal temperature of your home.  Additionally, if you have built and used the right products to seal your log home, then you will save even more – correctly built log homes are said to be up to twenty percent more efficient than your standard home.

Another great thing about log homes is that they are much quieter than normal homes. Due to thermal mass, log homes also absorb sound, adding a barrier between you and the outside world.

Maintenance ease

As log homes are made from wood, a natural resource, they are prone to certain issues such as mold and mildew as well as infestations of certain insects. This may seem like a lot to deal with, but in reality it does not require that much work, particularly when you use resources like those found at www.weatherall.com. You simply need to routinely inspect the exterior of your log home, looking at the condition of the wood. Taking these steps and learning from experts like those at The Weatherall Company will help to prevent any future problems which can be quite costly. Plus, these maintenance issues are no different from your average house, which can become infested when there are small crevices in the structure.  

There are not many disadvantages with a log home. What is great with a log home is that you can have a custom structural design which is a really nice touch, as well as it being a reflection of you. Having a log home does not mean that you have to live in it. You have the option of using it as a vacation home or you can even rent it out, giving you some extra income. Whatever you choose to do with a log home, it is definitely worth investing in.

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