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What Are the Duties and Roles of Real Estate Agents? The primary role of real estate professionals is to help both sellers and buyers to come up with a good purchase deal. Another role that real estate agents can play is to manage rentals and they help landlords find tenants for their properties while they also oversee the property’s maintenance for the landlord’s sake. In many areas there are certain requirements imposed on real estate agents like they are to be highly educated, licensed, and are regulated by a governing body. When a potential home buyer approaches a real estate agent, he introduces the buyer to the seller and then takes the necessary steps in ensuring that there will be a successful transaction, after which he will charge his own commission. Two different types of commission are charged by the real estate agent depending on the transactions; commission from a seller if it is a sales transaction, and commission from the landlord if it is a rental. The fee that a real estate agent collects from a home seller or from a landlord is simply a percentage of the sales for the sales transactions and as part of the rent for rental units. What home sellers of landlords do if they want to sell or rent their property is to leave the details of the sales of rental to the real estate agent. And not only the details of the properties, but they also have keys to the homes so that they can show it to interested parties. So that buyers can access information and take a look at the homes available for sale or rent, they should contact a real estate agent. This is how a real estate agent becomes a hub of information. One common misconception about real estate agents is that they can represent both the seller and the buyer at the same time. The first and foremost reason why you need the services of a real estate agents is to protect yourself. Real estate transactions are highly regulated, and involves a lot of documents. When real estate transactions are processed by a real estate agent he comes armed with his in depth knowledge of the laws, rules, regulations, disclosures, and documentation that are important for a successful closure of transaction, and that which will satisfy all parties and is in accordance with the law. By hiring real estate agents you can get a clear picture on the state of the real estate market, and you can know the current trends and pricing for properties within that market. It is easier to locate the best real estate bargains when hiring the services of a real estate agent.
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There are two ways that the real agent is benefited in a successful transaction and that is by earning good commission, and by receiving referrals which helps in his business.Getting Creative With Professionals Advice