When To Refer To A Soil Contamination Testing Company

Soil contamination is a serious problem, but is a problem that’s often overlooked. If you suspect that there might be problems with your soil (i.e. pesticides, general pollution, etc.) you should consider calling a soil contamination testing company. These companies will carefully examine your soil to determine if there are any problems that need to be addressed.

Most homeowners have no idea what the land around their home was used for before their home was built. For instance, many urban homes have been built on what use to be farmland. If you’ve ever worked on a farm, you know that farmers dust and spray their crops with a variety of pesticides. Although these products are great for keeping away insects they can have lasting effects on the environment.

Pesticides and other chemicals have a tendency to stick around for a very long time. These chemicals sink into the ground and are able to stay active for a number of years. This could become a problem once a home is built on the property. Homeowners often build gardens and interact with the soil quite often. If food is grown in a garden with contaminated soil, the vegetables and fruits that you consume could contain harmful toxins.

Soil and material testing companies are often hired to test a variety of environments. They generally test for things like petroleum products and dangerous heavy metals. Samples of the soil from around your home are collected and sent to a laboratory. Tests are done to determine exactly what kind of contaminants and deposits are resting in the soil around your home. These tests can also determine the kinds of nutrients that are abundant or lacking in your soil. If nothing is found, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

As you can see, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of the soil around your home. Soil testing companies are there to examine the health of your home’s soil. If you know your home was built on a military base or farm, you should be weary of the ground around it. Dangerous chemicals can last in the soil for some time. Call one of these companies today to see just how safe your soil really is.