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The Basics Of Network Marketing Success! Network marketing can be a tremendous success, and it can also be a huge failure. Network marketing, also known as multi level marketing or MLM, works by having a sales force that is actively recruiting more salespeople while they sell the product or service the company produces. When the new recruit makes a sale, the person who recruited that member will receive a commission from that sale. Occasionally, you will find companies that offer commissions if the sales member recruits someone, rather than by what the recruit sells. Be very careful to check for this type of scheme. This skirts the edge of legality, and can be considered a pyramid scheme. If you see something like that going on, get out as fast as you can. How does a company actually make a profit? A company makes a profit by selling a product or a service. A company that does not sell its products or services will never make a profit. Gaining new sales team members is an excellent way for a company to grow their market. A new sales team member brings in a new segment of the market that the company may not have reached yet. Although recruiting new members is a part of the plan, it cannot be the entirety of the plan. The sales team members need to actively sell the company’s product or service so that the company makes a profit and the sales team members earn a good wage. A successful sales team is a sales team that is actively selling the product or service. A successful sales team is the best advertisement to recruit new sales team members. The new members will follow the model for success, actively sell the products, and will gain a profit for themselves while profiting the company and the sales team member who recruited them. This approach to network marketing follows the path of promoting rather than prospecting. Prospecting is a depressing and unsatisfactory way to operate. Prospecting boils down to chasing random people down on the street and trying to convince them that they want your product, your service, or the business opportunity you are offering. Most of the time, the sales person will be rejected out of hand. Promoting is the complete opposite of prospecting and relies on customers approaching the salesperson to purchase the product or service, or sign up for the business opportunity. Every single successful network marketer uses promoting. Promote your product, put out the information so that interested customers can come to you, and you will have no problem getting your product sold and adding new sales team members to your sales force.A Simple Plan: Tips

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