What is Cell Phones for Soldiers?

When it comes to serving the troops overseas, everyone thinks of the common care packages that are sent regularly, containing snacks, games and necessities. What most people do not tend to think of is how these troops are able to contact their families, and if they even can or not. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a program that is designed specifically to solve this problem. But what it is it exactly and how does it work?

About the Program

This program is designed for people donate their old used cell phones in order to help make a way for troops to be in contact with their families. Used cell phones of different brands, companies and types are sent in, processed through a manufactured and then sold for money which is donated to troops in the form of a calling card. If a cell phone is donated and it is not able to be used it will be recycled, and any proceeds made also go to the calling cards.

How You Can Donate

In order to donate cell phones you can utilize a local drop-off station in your area, or you can mail them directly to the program’s recycling location. They must be in good working condition to get the biggest benefit, and newer phones are a plus. Aside from donating phones, you can choose to donate monetary gifts to the program as well, and even request your money go specifically to a certain soldier.

Other Important Information

It is important to realize that the phones are not renovated and sent directly to the soldiers. They are fixed up, sold and then the proceeds go toward a calling card. Sending cell phones by themselves to soldiers can be a dangerous hazard on the battlefield and can cost way too much. This program is great because it not only helps soldiers reach their families, but it also keeps these used phones from going into a landfill.

As you can see, Cell Phones for Soldiers is a great program that makes a huge difference in the lives of soldiers. Not only does it help them have the opportunity to stay in touch with their families, but it also keeps the landfill wastes down. If you have any new or used cell phones you’re looking to get rid of, consider donating them to this great program instead.