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Fun Pact Activities You Can Enjoy in Calvert County If you are an outgoing person, then Calvert is definitely the place for you. The county has numerous fun-filled events and places that visitors can enjoy. Visiting the county, you are bound to be spoilt for choice due to the wide variety of activities to enjoy. In this article, we have included some scenic and interesting places you can visit the next time you are in the area. Here are some ideas on where you can spend your vacay. Firstly, if you love art and art related events, you will be pleased to know that Calvert has so much to offer related to this. The park offers a wide variety of outdoor art that tourists can enjoy. The park boosts of having a myriad of art pieces done by different sculptors. If that is not good enough, you can visit the center any day of the week since it is always open.
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If you are fond of nature, then the nature trail in the bald cypress forest will surely tickle your fancy. To top it all off, you will get to see different types of animals and exhibits during the hike. The beautiful scenery is enough to dazzle your better half especially if you are planning to go hiking and camping. Besides the bald forest, you can visit Calvert cliff state park. This park is also renowned for camping and hiking activities and the whole family is allowed to take part.
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Visitors planning to know more about the region’s history can make a trip to one of Calvert’s major museum in Dayton Avenue. Here you will see what occupants of Calvert used to do during the prehistoric times and the kind of lifestyle they enjoyed living. The area also offers education to people interested in knowing more about the activities that led to the expansion and growth of the town. If you are interested in water sporting events or fishing activities, then Calvert is the place to be. Breezy point beach and campground is popular for its fishes that can offer any pro angler a huge challenge. Due to the large water body in the area, you are likely to find different big fish varieties aside from small ones. Nonetheless, remember to keep in mind the only rule for visiting the beach, which is the no pet policy. Generally, you can be sure that by visiting Calvert you will have an excellent time with your family or friends. If you have not yet stepped foot on this county, then it is about time you should.