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Simple Explanation to the Legalities of a House Sale Making the sale of a house can last up to three months. There are also several legal elements to look into, and it is important to be aware of this elements. Continue reading to know more about the legalities. Preparing the Contracts for sale When you and your lender give the broker all the required paperwork, now the sale contract can be made. In case the contracts for sale are being prepared by the agent by auction, the agent leaves both the buyer and the selling price unfilled in the contract until the auction is finished and the buyer has been identified. Before even the bidding process began, all the potential buyers will naturally demand to see the title of the property. The sale contract always contains the names and prices of the sale if it is through private treaty.
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Residences
Planning Permission
Finding Ways To Keep Up With Residences
Any house that was built since 1st October 1994 needs a planning permission. The planning documentation must comply with the law and the agent will need to verify this. Typically this includes a certificate given by an architect that states that the planning regulations’ condition have been complied with. If the house was developed in anyway,a similar approval must also be provided. It is necessary that the planning documents are as required before the proposed sale. If all these paperwork is not up to code, the buyer can, once they find this out, can terminate the purchase even if it has progressed too far. Approving the Contracts and Closing The initial stage of the contract process is the time your solicitor sends the contracts and a duplicate of the title deed of the house to solicitor of the purchaser for signing. The broker of the potential buyer, will then look into it and study its terms and conditions, back check the validity of the title deed. If the buyer and his/her agent are satisfied with the contract, the agent will assent to it and make the initial payment. The contract is then sent to your solicitor who will then call on you to assent the contract in duplicate. A copy is resent to the buyer’s agent who will later raise requisition on the title which your agent will have to respond to. It is the duty of your agent to prepare the closing documents and when there is a mortgage the lending institution will avail the redemption figures to him/her. You (and your spouse if necessary) will assent to the closing documents and declaration. After all the players a have assented to the contract, your agent will set a meeting with the buyer and he will be given the key after paying the full amount.