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How to Find an Aerial Video Production Company In the past few years, the buzz and popularity made by UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have rise. Professional cameras no matter what its size is attached to UAVs for the purpose of creating aerial video production. The applications for the close range aerial video as well as photography include advertising and marketing campaigns, movie productions, TV commercials, golf course promotion, news, land development, auto dealer inventory, insurance damage assessment and a lot more. For businesses that are operating in the US, the utilization of low level aerial photography while using UAVs have become illegal since 2007. The congress however had passed a new bill to make it legal. To most other countries like Canada for example, unmanned aerial vehicles can legally operate and even do aerial photography and even video productions. There are some entrepreneurs that began with low level aerial photography business while other existing photo and video production firms have integrated RC aerial photography into their list of offered services.
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RC helicopters can lift HD cameras which range from 2 pound multi rotor to 50 or more pounds single rotor aircraft. What’s more, this has an excellent manoeuvrability and has the capability of taking off and landing vertically. In addition to that, these RC helicopters have the ability of operating both outdoors and indoors over wide varieties of terrains. RC helicopters have the ability to fly through narrow canyons and even trees not like the full sized helicopters.
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On the other hand, there are limits to the use of UAVs for aerial photography. In Canada, they are generally limited to altitude of 400 feet. Avoiding potential accidents with full sized aircraft is what the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration, Transport Canada as well as other national aviation authorities trying to achieve. Drones are limited in area of operation like for example, national aviation authorities do not want these drones to fly near international airports, which totally makes sense. Everyone is fully aware that marketing is all about getting the attention and interest of potential clients and then, selling them a particular service or product. But in this modern time, it is pretty obvious that marketing is much complex and competitive than what it was before. In an effort to show off products and services, smart businesses are taking advantage of Facebook, Twitter as well as other social networking sites and even video sharing sites similar to YouTube. This totally makes sense with millions and millions of people accessing their social media accounts and visiting video sharing sites. By taking advantage of the aerial video production, it could really put your products and/or services on the top.