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The New and Improved Age of Social Media Recruiting Through the powers of the Internet, a whole new avenue for recruiting has opened up to employers. In addition to basic job listings on the Internet, social media sites have created a new highway of access between employers and employable candidates. Social media sites, especially the ones devoted entirely to professionals seeking work or networking, have a vast potential to connect people in ways that weren’t possible in the last century. Many social media sites will list jobs and send notifications to people for anything that might match the information they have on their profile. Having a profile on one of these sights is akin to having your resume published for the world to see and makes it less necessary to mail prospective employers paper copies. For the employer, they can now use social media sites to investigate people who have applied for their opening to see if they are the kind of people who will fit well with their company. Naturally there are measures to respect people’s privacy, but there is generally always a way to get in touch and connect with someone else before finding more of their details on social media. Recruiting through social media is one major benefit employers can use with this phenomenon. While the perfect employee might be out there somewhere, how do you reach them to let them know you are interested in hiring them? Almost everyone you meet these days has a profile online somewhere, meaning using social for recruiting puts companies in a much more visible position. Companies aren’t limited any more to their local areas because online content can reach nearly everyone in the world.
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Recruiting used to take a big budget and a lot of elbow grease, but now social media can lighten the load. Advertising a job opening in the local newspaper or in a magazine devoted to one trade does not make its way to the eyes of many people. When switching to social media, the cost goes down and the reach grows exponentially.
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Furthermore, it saves time by letting companies find only the most qualified people before spending the time on interviewing them. In the days prior to the boom of social media, mailed resumes were the only way an employer could get to know a candidate, which meant a lot of misspent time interviewing people who had exaggerated themselves on paper and weren’t really fit for the position like they had claimed. But social media recruiting lets them see a face and even feedback from others on a person’s character that will help an employer determine if that person is worth talking to.