The Store Came with Me

I have a clothing store in the U.S. where I sell custom made clothes. Not a lot of people know that i wasn’t born in the U.S. and grew up in another country. I came over using a HE2 Visa business plan, and brought my entire family with me. They work in the store and help me make the clothes. I came to the U.S. because I wanted my family to have a better life than they ever could by growing up in their home country. While my business was successful in my home country, I knew that it could be better, and that my family could have better surroundings.

I started the business when I came up with some clothing designs one day. Someone told me that the designs were good and that I should start selling them to people. I took their advice to heart, and made plans to open up my own store. I knew how to make clothing because my parents taught me. They used to make clothes with only a needle and thread the old fashioned way. I use a more modern approach, opting for a sewing machine. The machine is quicker, allowing me to produce more clothes in a shorter amount of time. Since my parents only had so much money and just a few of us to make clothes for, they were fine with the needle and thread.

Since coming to the U.S., my clothing store has received a lot of attention. I’ve even gotten some custom orders from some famous people who live nearby. They asked me to make dresses and suits for them to be worn at big events. I never imagined that I would get these kinds of clients, but I’m glad that the hard work of my family and myself is being well received.