The Essentials of Gateways – Revisited

How Payment Gateway Services Work Payment gateway is a service available to online shops to authorize payments just in the same way payment points in normal shops operate. However, all transactions take place on the internet thus, no need of any physical equipment. This short article briefly present information on the overall working of payment gateway services from ordering to the final approval and transfer of cash. The first step is for the customer to order for the products or services from the relevant site. The web browser of the client then encrypts the details and transmits it to the server of the company or seller. Afterwards, the seller transmits details of the requested transaction to the preferred payment gateway service. Usually, a third party offers payment gateway services. Gateway service processor transmits this transaction data to the payment system of the bank the merchant uses to collect payments. Even though the working of the following step normally depends on the kind of card in use, the bank system of the sellers sends the transaction details to the client’s bank in most cases. The customer’s bank will then process this data, and depending on the amount of money in the bank of the client will either deny or authorize the transaction to take place. If the system authorizes this transaction, the amount of money involved in the transaction will not be available for use by the customer although the actual cash is still in the client’s account. After that, the website receives the response on the transaction from the payment gateway service provider. Then, the customer will then read on the web page if the transaction was successful or not. It takes just a few seconds at maximum and only two to three seconds usually although it may seem a long process.
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After this, the customer needs to repeat the process to consummate the transaction, and this normally takes course only when the merchant ships the good, or when merchant allow it to leave his or her possession. The merchant is left in possession of the transaction approval code, which he or she presents to the bank to complete the transaction. Next, the bank of the seller contacts the customer’s bank for transfer of the cash from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account. The entire process of the transaction usually takes about three working days.
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With a reputable and secure trading gateway service, you will certainly enjoy enhanced online business. Since there are numerous firms offering payment gateway services, you should select the one that is compatible with different systems that most online organizations use. To avoid losses that may arise from unsecure transactions, you also need to choose a company that keeps on enhancing security features. Fortunately, most of the leading gateway service providers ensure safe and secure transactions.