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Real Estate Investing: Why Is It Better To Do Now Than Later? This article we will take into consideration the reasons why you should be investing in real estate right now rather than doing it later on and after that, we will also list some suggestions that can guide you when you get started in the business. In the world of real estate investing, the proverb that says: “Time is money” certainly applies for this type of business. Compounding is the ability of an investment to generate earnings and because of this occurrence, money keeps on increasing faster and faster as time passes by. Therefore, when you invest your money on real estate the soonest possible time, then expect that the money you have invested will let you accumulate more money overtime. If you have decided, let say, that for the next forty years, you will be investing one thousand dollar per year in real estate. The forty thousand dollar you have (from the one thousand per year that you have invested for forty years), at an annual rate of nine percent for return, will let you earn to over three hundred sixty nine thousand dollar, thanks for the presence of compounding. However, if you decided that you will still wait ten years to pass by before you invest, there is a tendency that the same amount aforementioned that you invested will only grow for about one hundred fifty thousand dollars which is only one half of the amount previously mentioned.
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Same as what was mentioned previously, the longer the time that you take before starting to invest, the lesser the time you will also have to combine the time and compounding interest, and assuming that everything is of equal value, it will result for you to gain less wealth. Therefore, it is better if you will do it now and wait for it to grow more and more everyday.
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Say for example, you plan to retire when you enter the age of sixty-five which is normally the retiring age. You will have better chance in generating much money if you will start investing in real estate by the time you reach the age of twenty five than when you are already thirty five, forty five or more and that is thanks to compounding. If you plan to start your investment in real estate, the tips that are listed below will help you on you cause. You have to develop a plan since doing this, you will know how much money you can comfortably invest on.