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Tips for First Time Property Buyers People, around the world, dream to live in the house of their own. For the American residents, buying real estate in Idaho assumes a lot of significance. People are exuberant when they come to know that they are moving into their own house from a rented place. All you need to do is to plan for the budget for purchasing the house. Other costs like closing costs, building inspections, appraisals, mortgage, insurance and taxes have also to be taken into consideration. The state of Idaho offers you plenty of options in the capital city Boise, Idaho Falls, or in Rexburg to spell out a few. Let us look at a few tips for the first-time property buyers, buying real estate in Idaho. Down Payment Money in the form of finance is required to buy the property. Most of the buyers go in for the first time homebuyer loan program. The purchase of the house requires you to make a down payment. If you select the right mortgage program you can get away with a down payment as low as US$1000.
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Credit score
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For a loan disbursement the credit score is required. A credit score of 720 and above may be able to get you a low interest rate loan from the lender. But you will fail to secure a mortgage loan with a credit score below 620. Making a budget When you are buying real estate in Idaho, you have to plan your monthly budget. If you want to live comfortably you should plan to take out a maximum of 30% of your earnings to make the mortgage payments every month. This amount must cover the principal, interest, insurance and taxes. The 1% maintenance charges must also be included. It is quite possible that you are paying a similar amount as rent at present and the whole exercise becomes easy for you. Lender support It is possible that you own something like a car which is debt-free and clear the lender can give you the down payment by securing it against this asset. There are sellers who can help finance the loan through a private contract. Since the seller is the lender he can waive off the down payment and your payments are limited to the monthly mortgage installment only. Realtor You can use the services of a reputable realtor to represent your interests in the buying of the property. He should be aware of the region and neighbourhood where you plan to make the purchase. With the help of these guidelines, buying real estate in Idaho is easy.