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Finding the Right HVAC Contractor One of the most complicated systems found in your home is your HVAC system. Thus, when you have heating or cooling problems, you should find a contractor whose reliability is unquestionable, especially on safety issues. When you screen your prospects, focus on the following points: License, Bond and Insurance
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In most cases, HVAC contractors have minimum education and working experience requirements to meet and written tests to pass in order to secure a professional license.
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To keep their license, HVAC contractors must also maintain a particular level of bonding and insurance. Whomever you hire, make sure he has liability insurance, which will serve to protect you in case there will be accidental damage to your property, or a worker accidentally gets injured while work is underway. References Ask your prospects to give you a number of names and phone numbers of recent clients whom you can talk to about their performance. You need to call these people to ask about important details, like whether or not the work was finished within deadline, or if they were happy with how the project turned out. Pricing Because the cost of installing, replacing or repairing HVAC equipment is high, you should get a minimum of three quotes from three different contractors. Cost is and will always be an important consideration, and different companies will charge varying rates. Still, regardless of how important it is, it should never be your biggest reason for choosing a specific contractor. Choosing the cheapest contractor could mean more expenses in bigger repairs in the future. The most expensive company isn’t the best either, and that is why you have to do some serious research before you decide which one to hire. Brands Supported If you’re asking for estimates for replacement or a new installation of HVAC equipment, ask your prospects what brands they have available. HVAC contractors, unlike others involved in home improvement projects, usually only have limited choices. A good way of narrowing down your list of options is by considering only companies that specialize in your preferred brand. Experience with Your Particular System Whether your HVAC system’s design is traditional or cutting edge, you need to choose a contractor that has relevant experience with it. Payments and Service Contracts If the project is big, you likely have to pay a deposit and then finish off the rest of the bill in scheduled installments. In any case, make sure you read and understand the fine print to avoid surprises later on. Lastly, if you’re hiring a contractor to maintain your existing equipment or install new equipment, enrolling in a service contract program can add to your peace of mind. A service contract is exactly as it sounds – a contract guaranteeing regular system servicing by the company.