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Tips on Planning a Funeral for Your Beloved From the very first day you learn of the passing on of your loved one, it is expected that you also start planning for their funeral. Theoretically, it sounds easy and the only way to go. In practice however, the difficulty of coming to terms with the passing on of your beloved one coupled with the challenge of planning their funeral is exists. As you continue grieving and coming to terms with your loss, here are a few steps you can follow in planning the funeral. Since you might not be in a better position to pen down your thoughts, you can start by asking a family member or close friend to help in writing down your thoughts and also encourage them to offer you more suggestions. Based on how deeply or not the deceased was rooted into religion, you might need to involve the clergy or if this is not an option, you can acquire the services of a funeral director who will offer you unbiased practical advice. When putting down your thoughts and those of other family members and close friends, it is important to be alive to any instructions and wishes that the deceased might have had or left behind. It is usually a bit comforting to a number of people when they fulfill the wishes of their loved ones upon their demise. It is good to note that not all the wishes of the deceased will be practical, therefore together with other family members and relatives, you should take time to go through all the instructions and desires of the deceased to pick the ones that are realistic. You can choose between the two available service options, i.e. a funeral service or memorial service. All you need to know to distinguish the two services is that in a funeral service the deceased body is present during the service while in a memorial service it is not. The funeral homes can help guide you on the best alternative because most of them offer both options but memorial services are on the increase of late.
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Come to a decision on the person you want to hold the service. It is a wise idea allowing the clergy to hold the service if the deceased was religious. However if not then its notable to say that funeral services are ordinarily held by family or very close friends to the deceased, while memorial services can be held by family, close friends or any other interested party. Come up with the list of people you expect to attend the funeral service. Ultimately, the day and date when the service will be held should end the list.
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Funeral planning is not an easy thing to do, however with the above guides, you can easily get a clear way to start planning on the best way to say goodbye to your beloved one.