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Tips To Remember Before Forking Out Your Money On A Filter Press There are many companies that are working hard to find solutions on how they could separate solid materials from liquid. And when the time comes, it will be so important to have a filter press. On the other hand, what makes the entire process more difficult for the customers is the selection of such machine. It is critical that consumers have done their due diligence to make sure that they’re making the right decision given the fact that there are many of them to choose from. For customers, it is vital that they figured out what they need exactly. There are 2 types of machines that you can choose from and both of them do a slightly different task. The said systems could be manual or automatic, which pretty much work the same. With just the exception that manual machines are manually operated and automatic machines can be automated so to speak. Both the machine’s frame and plate is otherwise known as the membrane filter plate. This comprises of frames and plates that are alternating. A centrifuge pump also helps in keeping the solids suspended so there’s no setting throughout the process. The solids collected on to the cloth suspended over the frame, which is separating the chambers as the liquid is delivered in the machine. When the frame is soiled with “cake”, the process is halted and the cleaned liquid will be funnelled off through the collection pipe. After that, cake is removed to the plate and will discharge the solids to the collection point.
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Recessed plate machine works almost the same in removing solids from liquid. Approximately, the plates in the system is 2 – 4 feet across with a concave depression in middle, hence its name. Then, the solution is squeezed in the opening, which has cloth pulled across. Like before, liquid goes through and solids remain, which forms a cake. The cake on the other hand could not get more than 32 mm thick before it gets cleaned. What’s more, the machine is going to take longer to change the cloth and might form uneven cake.
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Manufacturers of filter press aren’t just making machines that separate solids and liquids, they can also create individual parts that are vital to run them at the same time. This gives customers a chance to buy not just the machine but also, all other repair or replacement parts that are necessary to operate it. Parts similar to manifolds, piping, shifters and hydraulics might have to be replaced every now and then. Before buying a filter press machine, see to it that the manufacturer also produce other parts to maintain the system so you won’t have any issues in the long run.