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Steps to Writing a Successful Speech Everyone gets a chance to write a speech for oneself, for clients, for your boss, etc. Preparation is the key to a successful speech, whatever that speech is intended for. If you do not prepare properly, you cannot expect to succeed. Making a speech can be a time-consuming, stressful and confusing process, as most of those who have tried it will tell you. It should not really be this way when it comes to writing speeches. If you follow the steps below you can write you speech in no time, and avoided unnecessary stress and confusion. Most often people who make speeches begin by writing things they want to say. You are greatly mistaken if you do this. It is important to make a research first before attempting to write the first word of your speech. The things you need to include in your research is the topic itself, the people who will make up the audience, the place where it will be held, the city and the time when the speech will be delivered. Prepare your purpose statement or the reason why you are having this speech.. With the purpose statement you determine what you want to do, whether to educate, to inform, to inspire, etc, and it also determines how you want your audience to respond to the information given. After doing the first two steps, the next thing is to come up with a theme which will be used throughout your speech. When it comes to themes, it usually is a word, a phrase or a sentence.
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After creating all of the above requirements you are still not ready to write your speech. You need to create an outline which you will follow for your speech. Decide on what the main points of the speech will be. There are things you should include so that your main point is taken well, like stories, statistics, or supporting evidences.
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Organizing the content is the next step after deciding on the purpose, the theme and making an outline. It is not only the organization of the content, you also need to carefully consider how much time you will spend on each main point. When everything is there, the purpose, purpose statement, theme, outline, and you have organized your content, then you can write down your speech already and you will find it a lot easier now that you have prepared everything first. Write as your mind continues to dictate to you with the outline and main points in mind. Once you speech draft is done, there is one more thing to do. For the audience’s ease of listening and for their retention, it is important to edit your speech. Do not be tempted to neglect this step because this is important for success.