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Understanding Cheap Logo Designs Online It’s always exciting to start a new business. Once you’ve worked out the basics, you will soon think about a good logo for your business. Of course, there are many places to get a design, but online is no doubt the most convenient. When picking the most suitable logo, there will be lots of considerations to make. The Price So what’s going on behind these cheap online logos? Everywhere on the web, you’ll see lots of logos at varying prices. Predesigned logos could be as cheap as $9. You may wondering how some can cost as high as $500, and others don’t even hit the $10 mark. Most of us believe that we can only get what we pay for. Fortunately for business owners, in the world of logo development, a good logo is not always expensive. Logo design professionals base their prices on market rates and their own personal discretion. It always depends on you how much you’d like to pay, though starting low is usually a wise idea.
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A web logo is one that is made exclusively for online use. That means you can expect vibrant colors and all, thanks to common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and so on. Web logos do not look good in any offline mediums. Readymade Designs vs Customized As the term indicates, a predesigned logo is one that has been designed before a client buys it. With this logo, you can simply insert your company name or theme, and it’s good to go. A custom logo will certainly be unique since the designer will be making it while specifically thinking about your business. A custom logo is expected to be pricier, of course, but it’s the better option for you if you intend to use it for the whole life of your business. Resolution Resolution is extremely important! If you only plan to use your logo for the web, a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch) is okay. For professional use, the minimum resolution you should aim for is 300 dpi. A greater dpi value means more visual appeal. File Formats In terms of file formats, you only have to think of two things – vector and non-vector. Choose vector formats as they are a hundred percent scalable, meaning, you can reduce or enlarge them as needed without affecting image quality. Non-vector formats, on the other hand could be scaled downwards but not upwards as the image will pixelate. Examples of vector formats are WMF (Windows Meta File), AI (Adobe Illustrator) and EPS (Encapsulated Post Script, the most printer-requested format); JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF and TIFF are all non-vector formats. Choosing a Designer If you’d like to end up with a really effective logo designer, start digging into portfolios. But keep in mind that the one with the largest portfolio is not always the best. It is important that your vision for your business jives with the general vibe of the designer based on his previous works; otherwise, find another prospect.