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Can MSDS Be Successfully Used In Your Company? There is simply no way that a cleaning company can do its job successfully without using chemicals. A good cleaning company may either have to use a variety of chemicals for certain situations and jobs or just a few basic chemicals. For each product that your cleaning company uses, with this said, it is important to have the correct MSDS label. These pieces of data have the information on how to handle the chemical, as well as emergency measures that should be taken in the instance that there is an accident. We are going to talk more about MSDS and how it can help a company that uses chemicals stay safe and strive, during this article. The MSDS is not only important to have on hand to keep your employees safe, but it is also an OSHA standard that you have an MSDS for every product or chemical that your company uses. The MSDS needs to be available to your employees at all times. If you do not have the MSDS for a product, your employees can actually refuse to come to work or work with that product. The MSDS for your employees is actually prepared by the products manufacturer. You will notice that they are broken down into sections and this makes them pretty simple to understand and follow, though they may seem difficult to read at first. For an MSDS there really is no basic format, though it must contain basic chemical information about the product. This basic chemical information should contain the fire and explosion hazards, proper use, storage, disposal, hazardous ingredients, health hazards and any other precautions that employees should be aware of. A 24 hour phone number for the manufacturer or an outside company that can answer questions about the product is also what the MSDS should contain.
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If you are an owner of a company, there is really no reason why you wouldn’t get an MSDS sheet for every single item you buy. These sheets are readily available from the manufacturer and if you buy from a supply store, they will have them on hand or be able to get you one in a hurry. On the other hand, if you are someone who buys supplies from a big box store or online, they may not have the MSDS on hand, which means you are going to have to call the manufacturer and have one sent to you. Through the use of routine or annual checks, you have to ensure you have the most up to date MSDS sheets for your products. Now that you have the correct MSDS sheet and the product, you should read through it carefully before you begin.Why Labels Aren’t As Bad As You Think