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Tips When Hiring a Painting Contractor The summer season is the best time to contemplate about doing some painting. Be it your home or your commercial building, the thought of repainting gives you the excitement that no other type of improvement project can provide. Though a DIY painting job is tempting, hiring professional painting contractors still makes the most sense if you want the job to be perfect and guaranteed. This article provides a checklist of the things you have to remember in the process of hiring a painting contractor. 1 – Identify the Work to Be Done
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One of the things you want to get is multiple quotes from different prospects. However, it isn’t really possible to accurately compare multiple quotes if you don’t have a list of the work you want done, which specifically lists the areas to be painted as well as the colors and time frame.
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2 – Collect Multiple Quotes With that list, you can now start talking to potential contractors and ask them you give you a written quote based on that list. 3 – Weigh on the Proposed Painting Process The proposed painting process should include three of the most important steps; surface prep, priming, and finish coats. Finish coats include several things including the kind of paint to be used and brand, colors, number of coats, and gloss level. 4 -Questions to Ask Moreover, there are questions you want to ask your potential painting contractors. Here are some of them. How will your property be protected? Make sure the painting contractor you choose has a definite plan on how to protect your assets and property. This is very important especially in a commercial setting where your products and equipment may be exposed to paint during the performance of the project. What is the estimated time of completion? You will know you’ve hired the right people for the job if they are able to complete the project based on a promised timeframe. You might as well ask your prospects about the number of people working on the project. Is there an attached warranty on the work? The best answer you can get out of this question is warranty coverage for both labor and materials. Additionally, you should ask how long the warranty is. Be reminded that you can never hire a contractor who offers you a cheap bid but without a warranty. You’ll get no remedy in case of paint failure if your contractor does offer a warranty. Do you have a contractor who promptly and kindly answers your questions? This question is definitely the most important one you should answer yourself since it determines the worthiness and professionalism of a prospective painting contractor. Don’t waste your money on someone who does not ably and courteously answer your questions.