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The Bathroom Accessories That Make You Relax

Do you have a couple of rooms upstairs away from everyone that is being used for storage?  Want to do something different and have a place to relax.  I have some ideas that might help you with your new project.

Put a large sliding glass door between the two rooms.  In one corner, two steps up set your extra large tub.  How about add a skylight in the ceiling to let in the daylight during the day and the stars at night.  Don’t forget to add mirrors around you tub with lots of candles on the ledge.  Candles are so pretty reflecting off the mirrors.  Maybe you might want more light so put one or two fancy light fixtures on one wall or in the ceiling.

If you have a large bathroom, why not install a fireplace on the opposite side of your glass. A fireplace will add more of a romantic and relaxing sensation to your rooms.  On the ledge add some more candles and maybe put a picture over them to go with your theme.

Always chose a theme before you start your new project.  Having a theme will help you to choose your colors and the mood you want to have when enjoyed your time.

You can also install a large cabinet at the end of your sink. Set a microwave and mini-fridge in it.  You”ll need something to keep that wine cold while your relaxing.

Have another space in the extra bathroom.  Set a chair in it to sit while putting on your lotions.  You”ll want a lot of lotions and oils along with some smelly bubbles to help you relax and set the mood you are in.  Remember they should all be the same scent so that the smells all drift from one room to the next.

When choosing your carpet be sure to get a natural color you might want to chance you color later on and not the carpet.  The sink, counter, stool and tub should all match too but try not to have the same colors as your flooring.  To much of one color will make the your room dull and not exciting to be in.  It will also make you depressed sometimesif everything is the same color.  So, mix and match.  When choosing your tile make sure it is small maybe 1×1.  The small the tile the less change you have of slipping when getting out of the tub and down the steps.

Like to read and relax at the same time.  Set a basket near the chair and lay some outdated magazines in it.  Get yourself a bath pillow to fit one end of the tub and a magazine pour in the bubble with a glass of wine and read.  Sound cozy doesn’t it.

Be creative when organizing your new bathroom.  Set a plant on a stand or even one corner of your tub.  With the skylights, they will get enough sunlight and the moisture is good for them too.

Have more space and don’t know what to do with it.  Put a towel rack in to put those entire special and fancy towel and washcloths you have in the cupboard.  Fancy towels always make a person feel special along with all the oils and bubbles.

Once you have all your bath accessories organized and put away get that fancy and comfortable sleepwear you’ve always wanted and use it only when your in your own special rooms.

Putting lotion on and your new sleepwear will make the final relaxation come to and you can than sit back and enjoy the new you.  Have fun and enjoy.

All About Bathroom Accessories, And How To Find The Best Ones

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a property. Just ask any real estate agent, they will tell you that a bathroom in pristine condition, with bright and sunny colors, and an atmosphere of peace and calm, will literally add thousands to a property’s potential selling price. Old hands at the property game will tell you that the lady of the house in particular will pay special attention to the bathroom. Only the kitchen is of equal, or possibly even greater, importance. One of the most important steps in creating a bathroom with atmosphere and style is the correct use of bathroom accessories.

One of the most important initial steps in making your bathroom sparkle with bathroom accessories is to decide on a color scheme. It is important that the color and design of the walls, is complementary to the color and design of the bathroom accessories and furnishings. The vast majority of bathroom decor and design is done in light pastel colors, which not only creates a light atmosphere, it can even make a small bathroom seem larger. Bathroom furniture suites are usually in the same colors. Thanks to the advances in technology of the modern computer, and the internet, it is now possible to shop from the comfort of your own home, and browse the offerings of many different retailers at the same time.

By far the most important of the bathroom accessories you will need to buy is the bathroom suite itself. This should be in a color which is in keeping with the decor of the room, especially the walls and the bathroom tiles. There are many different types of integrated bathroom suites available, in both traditional and contemporary design. Many of the traditional ranges are in designs from previous centuries, such as Victorian and Edwardian designs. More modern designs include showers, which can provide invigorating air rich in negative ions.

Another crucial choice is the faucets or taps. This simple, often overlooked, but absolutely necessary bathroom accessory is available in more different types than you probably realise. From the very traditional and familiar designs, to the ornate and ostentatious, to the sleek and minimalistic modern designs, to the elegance of lever fittings and the brand new ranges designed to be as compact and unobtrusive as possible, the choice available to the modern consumer is exhaustive and can even be overwhelming. One thing to decide is the type of finish you want. Most standard faucets come in a chrome or gold finish, and some of the more ornate ones have ceramic handles and indices.

Finally, having decided on the overall decor and color scheme, and having fitted the bathroom suite and the faucets or taps, you will need to decide on the other fixtures, fittings, and bathroom accessories. A bidet can be an interesting and useful addition to the bathroom suite. Bidets are very common in some Latin American countries. In Argentina and Uruguay, for example, nine out of every ten houses have a bidet among their bathroom accessories. Many bidets are now even built in to toilets, and they are becoming ever more popular in the USA. Towel bars and a bathroom cabinet are the other essential parts of a complete bathroom design. Put the whole thing together in an aesthetic, and complementary design, and you can have a bathroom that is a haven of peace tranquillity and relaxation.