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Detecting Water Leaks with Modern Methods Thanks to the introduction of acoustic based technology, it has become far easier to reduce the amount of water we are losing in our plumbing systems while also improving the efficiency of water companies and reducing the carbon footprint. Two way systems: AMI There is a lot of water loss every single year and as a matter of fact over one trillion gallons of water in this country is lost because it is leaking out of homes across the nation.
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This is undisputable proof of not only how much water we are wasting every single year but the amount of energy that is being wasted as well. Although, we are taking steps in reducing the amount of water and energy we are wasting through technology such as advanced metering infrastructure and acoustic technology.
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AMI technology has many other uses rather than just for saving our water because it can also be used to save our gas supply as well which is also dwindling. So not only can AMI help locate and detect gas leaks but it will do it accurately and quickly which is quite important considering the potential of an explosion if a gas leak goes undetected. Accurate Billing Information through AMI Without AMI technology the water companies would have had to look at your meter among many other things but now it is streamlined and you will get bill exactly from what your meter will say because the information goes straight to a single network. This is makes the billing information extremely accurate so the customer will only have to pay what they have to use and they will not be overcharged as well if there is a leak somewhere down the line. Detecting Leaks Automatically One of the main benefits of AMI technology is the fact that it will be able to locate water leaks automatically and they can detect leaks several kilometers away as well so no leaks will go undetected anymore which will not only save the country trillions of gallons but it will also save consumers a ton of money on their water bills. Giving Customers Power AMI technology has many different benefits for the customer because not only are customers given accurate information on the water they are used but their water bills have also dropped considerably and this has given the consumer a lot of power against the water companies as well.