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Foreclosure: Everything You Need to Know Foreclosure is what happens when a party is not able to pay a certain loan that has been made from a lender. When you experience foreclosure, the party you have made a loan from usually takes your property and either sells it or takes possession of it. To start this process, a lender usually files a few important documents with the right officials. Foreclosure happens for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are the home owner’s fault, and some are not. Some reasons of foreclosure are loss of income due to a number of reasons like hardship or health issues within the family. When you experience foreclosure, it can definitely not be a good time. Foreclosure usually starts when an individual has misses several payments of a loan. If your bank tries repeatedly to collect payment that you are unable to pay, this can immediately start the first steps that can lead to foreclosure. However, it does not happen all at once. Ten to fifteen days are usually given as a grace period after the first payment has been missed. A charge is then required after the fifteen days have passed and the borrower has not yet payed. A letter of demand, along with the commencement of phone calls, begin after one or two months. In some cases, the repayment plan can be modified. The lender, after about three to four months, will then file the right papers to the appropriate officials and get an attorney to help in the process. After this, the property will be then put up for sale within three to four months. This is the process of foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure, there are a number of things that you might be able to do. One such option is called forbearance, in which a lender and a home owner come to terms about delaying payment and paying bigger amounts later. Loan modification, in which payments are reduced per month, allow home owners to be able to more easily pay their loans and avoid foreclosure. Some homeowners even choose to sell their property, receiving the sum over the one which they owe to their lender. Some even make a loan from another company to get help in paying what they owe to the lender. There are also other options which you can learn about aside from these common ones. These options are good to take and much better than doing nothing.
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Foreclosure is not a good thing for anyone to experience. This is why it is important for all homeowners to know everything there is to know about it as well as the steps that they may take when this happens.3 Tips Tips from Someone With Experience