Standard Stalls? Hell No! Luxury Porta-Potties? Hell Yeah!

Standard Stalls? Hell No! Luxury Porta-Potties? Hell Yeah!

Stylish Relief

Portable restrooms have come a long way. Once they were just standard plastic stalls with a chemical lavatory and basic basin inside, but now they are luxurious cabins decked out with the most beautiful fixtures and fittings.

No longer does a person have to feel uncomfortable when trying to relieve themselves. At public events usually the stalls are basic, standard plastic boxes that are cramped and sometimes smelly, but the modern variety of luxury restrooms is the complete opposite. If you walked blindfolded into them, it would be very hard to tell that you were not in the bathroom of a plush, upscale hotel.

Real wood fittings, recessed lighting, porcelain bowls, hot and cold running water are all basic things a person would expect to find in a standard bathroom, but these are all things that a person can now find in a portable restroom too. Many companies provide this sort of service, and to have such an outfit at an event makes people think they are being treated decently and that their needs and comforts have been thoroughly taken care of.

Many and varied

Some optional extras include music systems that play either the radio or a compact disc. This adds to the atmosphere of comfort and makes the person using them feel like they are in their own home. Hand sanitizers and lighted vanity mirrors add that extra touch of elegance. If portable restrooms are needed for more a more long-term basis, some organizations even provide monogrammed towels.

As these restrooms are non-permanent, there is not going to be any permanent disturbance to the land on which they are going to be placed. They are provided in the form of a trailer so they are just parked into the reserved area and locked in place. When they need to be removed, they are unlocked and driven away. They could not be easier to install and uninstall.

Flushed with success

Sometimes at an event, the thing that gets it down the most is that there are not enough facilities for all the people attending, so its good that luxury restrooms come in a variety of styles and sizes. There is also provision made for people with disabilities. They are maintained to a very high standard and are always clean and easy to keep clean, just as a home bathroom would be, as they are homier in design, seen at Luxury Restroom Rentals. When they are being taken away after their period of use has ended, they are secure so that nothing can leak from them and cause any form of damage or inconvenience. Every aspect of design has been carefully thought out so any what if scenarios a person may have imagined can be easily allayed either by the company itself or just by inspecting the design of the restrooms on their own.

No longer does anyone have to forego comfort when seeking relief.

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