Sometimes You Just Need a Push

Sometimes there comes a point when you lose your home and are forced to move somewhere else. Usually into an apartment or into a smaller house. These can be depressing times, especially if you don’t know where you want to go. This happened to me a few years ago, I became incredibly depressed and unmotivated and that made it even harder to find a new job and home. Luckily I stumbled on Hernon Walk. It is an apartment complex in my area that pretty much came to me. I was not looking at apartments at this time as I thought them beneath me and I didn’t really want one. So I buckled down and just kept looking for a new house. It turns out that was a mistake because there were quite a few good apartment complexes in front of me the entire time that were in my budget.

That’s not to say that being in my budget was enough for me to live somewhere. It would have taken a lot to convince me of an apartment complex. I really had my heart set on going with a traditional home, no matter how small. So to get me to downsize was a feat of its own. But they kept pushing these apartments and how great I would love them. They finally told me to come take a tour. If I didn’t like the place they would leave me alone they said. So I figured what the heck, I had nothing to lose so I went on the tour. Wow were these places great. I was in love with them the moment that I stepped foot inside. Although I tried not to show this so I could keep the price down, I’m pretty sure they knew. The layout was just wonderful and I knew that these were the apartments for me.