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How PBX Systems Have Evolved Over the Years The PBX or the Private Branch Exchange system of today that is very sophisticated started out as telephone switchboard operator. With so many advancement in the technology in the past years, the telephone system also become more advance as new features and functions were integrated to the system all the time. Today, with the use of phones and the internet, making calls, sending or receiving of emails, voice mails, and faxes are made possible and easy. Many decades back, the telephone system is in its primitive form, where callers passed though many connections before it reaches to the other caller and this is done by the operators with the use of switchboards and chords. PBX system is made possible with the use of different devices capable of many different functions. The PBX systems refer primarily to business telephone systems which involve multiple lines for connections internally, betwixt extensions, and to the external telecoms network. What a PBX does is to find the appropriate extension to which the incoming calls should be connected and to share group of trunk lines betwixt extensions. The basics of the PBX system operation remains almost the same, but because technologies used for this system has improved so much in the past years, the system has also improved where the operational cost were reduced and the operational process was simplified.
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Even though the PBX system offers many advantages such as operational efficiency and time and cost efficiency, there are still many businesses who were not very willing to use the product. In 1990’s, the PBX system were made more flexible which enables the system can be expanded by just adding more cards and ports so that there’s no need to start again with a new system. This enhancement of the system flexibility convinced many business owners to accept and use the product.
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In the year 1960, the idea of Private Automatic Branch Exchange or simply the PABX came into being. With the PABX system, there no need to use large number of phone lines. The PBX is able to handle many phone lines to a certain location, which is much the same as the central office exchange, but it’s just smaller and private. The advancement of PBX system help data lines and voice lines, connect calls to different offices and even to public telephone network. As years passed by, the PBX system have become even more sophisticated and refined. You can choose the hosted PBX service, where you can save on costs and you don’t have to worry on ongoing maintenance. The advancement of the current internet PBX from switchboard operators is very incredible. These latest communication servers can stay on the computer processor which runs at affordable operating systems.