Senior Living is Great at the Avenues Crofton Park in Colorado

When people reach their senior years they are often not as fond of caring for a home, a lawn, or shopping for groceries as they once were. They certainly are not fond of plumbing problems and painting rooms. They soon realize living in a single home has its drawbacks, and it can be lonely. Often, life-long friends have moved or passed away, and people find life to be a little more lonely. The children have probably scattered across the country for jobs. The American Medical Association has stated social interaction is one of the important keys to staying young and healthy.

The solution for a great life when growing older is the Avenues Crofton Park, which is a beautiful collection of senior cottages and boutique apartment homes in Broomfield, Colorado. The Avenues is considered one of the best senior living communities in Colorado. The management and development team have created a community that supports safe practices and values. Residents are provided with services, like scheduled local transportation and off-site activities. These are all designed to improve their quality of life and provide entertainment for the residents. The management team focuses on safety, social development, and housekeeping services.

The Community is protected from unwanted salespeople, and the staff keeps track of everyone coming and going. The Community realizes older people are often the target of criminals, so they take great care to ensure all living quarters are secure. The residents are provided with bi-weekly linen changes and other housekeeping services, so they don’t have to worry about cleaning their home anymore. Light cleaning and dusting are also provided.

The Avenues Crofton Park has developed programs to eliminate the loneliness and feelings of isolation a person might experience in their later years. The lovely community garden provides endless hours of activity for the residents, and this community offers activities that are available at a variety of off-site and on-site locations, so residents will have a chance to meet and talk with their neighbors. Developing friendships becomes easier. This lifestyle is great for enhancing the lives of the residents and providing them with emotionally and physically healthy activities.