Security Systems from ADT Security

I just got done with a pretty traumatic divorce proceeding and my former husband has threatened to kill me on a number of occasions. I jut don’t feel safe right now and I don’t feel safe for my children either. I am living in the house we used to share with my kids now and I want to look online to learn about ADT. I know that they have been in the security business for a long time, and that is what makes me so interested in them in particular. My kids are arguing right now with each other. To be honest, it is kind of annoying to listen to them, but it is better to hear them and know they are there, then to have to worry if they are still okay.

I know that this divorce has taken a major toll on them as well, but I hope that we will all come through it okay. I think that there is a chance that my former husband might try to kidnap one of the kids, or maybe both of them. I hope he doesn’t try anything so stupid, but just to help to make sure that it does not happen, and that all of us remain safe, I want to get a security system installed.

Moreover, I want to get one installed as soon as possible. Like tomorrow would be great, because I do not like sleeping in this house without a security system. It really makes me worried, and I probably worry more about it than I should. But after what I have been through, it is really hard for me to not worry. Anyway, I am going to start trying to figure out prices and features that would be helpful. Maybe I will give them a call and talk to someone also.