Reasons To Like This Framing Nail Gun

When beginning a large project, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. The correct tools make the job more efficient and allow for a higher standard of work. For large construction jobs, a framing nail gun is one of the most essential tools for the job. A quality nail gun will save a lot of time and back breaking work, while still ensuring an excellent finished product to the consumer. When considering the purchase of a nail gun, there are a few choices to be made to determine the best one for the job.

When looking at nail guns always pay close attention to the weight of the gun. The gun weight, coupled with the weight of the fasteners, can become quite heavy quickly. Many quality framing nail guns are in the weight range of 7 – 9lbs. Nailers heavier than that may pose a problem with repeated use. Choose wisely. What feels acceptable now will feel much heavier after a long day.

There are two types of powered nail guns to choose from. A pneumatic nail gun works in conjunction with an on site air compressor. The air compressor delivers air to the nail gun allowing it to work properly. The disadvantage of this set up is that the gun must always stay attached to the compressor via the hose while working, limiting freedom and mobility. A cordless nail gun can go anywhere, as it does not have to stay connected to a compressor. Many people like this framing nail gun due to the flexibility it affords. Both nail guns work the same, but this one runs on disposable compressed air canisters instead of the stationary compressor. The disadvantage of this nail gun is that it will not work without the refill air canisters. With much use, the canisters must be replaced frequently, causing additional cost and inconvenience.

There is no argument that nail guns have increased productivity in the construction field. Unfortunately with increased productivity comes increased accidents. Nail guns should be treated as a loaded firearm. Foot and hand accidents are most common due to lack of attention. All it takes is one small accident and the nail becomes a missile and can cause serious damage. Always use extreme caution and awareness when using this product. With proper precautions, a nail gun can do the work of 10 men. Just don’t shoot their feet off.