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The Importance of Using a Move-out Cleaning Checklist

It’s undeniable that moving to another apartment is a big chore. But whatever your reason for moving, plan early to avoid those cleaning deposit forfeitures for not leaving your apartment in the exact condition it was in when you moved in.

It’s not really hard to tidy up your apartment. First of all, begin with a great list. Get Googling. Search for a cleaning checklist that looks good and print it. Use it consistently.

Then go through the list before you actually move. You should do this one week prior to your move and look over the list. If you selected a great list, it has to be complete. But you still need to ask yourself, is there something not on the list? Write down some notes. Maybe there are a few things about the apartment that must be attended to. Make a list of them.

Then start acquiring your supplies and tools. Preferably, while you’re annotating the list, inventory your cleaning supplies, determine what you have missed, and go get it. Think what tools can make you finish faster and get better results, and check if you can borrow them. For example, borrow a high-power vacuum cleaner, maybe two huge buckets, a mop and a squeegee for the windows.

Now, take everything from the apartment and start cleaning it. You can give a whole day for this after you’ve moved out. When setting a schedule for moving out and giving your end-of-lease notice to the landlord, make sure you have time to clean after you’re done with the move and your apartment is absolutely empty. Nothing is more difficult than cleaning an apartment full of trash and packing boxes. There’s nothing as easy as cleaning one which is totally empty.

Now go ahead and invite some friends. Nothing makes you clean faster than with the help of extra hands. Get the boys or girls at the bar this weekend, but only after they’ve helped you clean your apartment out.

Six, Six, clean using the “top down” rule. Clean high spots first going down so you don’t end up soiling an already cleaned floor. The floors must always be done last.

The thought of having to clean your old apartment before moving to your new one may feel insufferable. Nonetheless, you still need to do it, so just get started now so you can end the task as soon as possible. If the place only has a few dirty surfaces but no real damages, it shouldn’t be difficult to get your deposit.

If you are not sure of what your landlord would require on the issue of cleanliness, research. This is where looking for a great cleaning checklist comes in. You can use the list to clear the confusion and nail your landlord’s expectation.