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Vital Issues to Evaluate when Acquiring Land in Texas There are many options for investing in property, but if executed properly, land acquisition can be one of the most rewarding. So, what are the factors to evaluate when thinking about land for sale in Texas. Location Where you buy your land will impact on its value and how you can develop it. Before acquiring any land, you may be interested in scrutinizing comparable market analysis (CMA)reports, which may give you an idea of local property market trends for valuations and sales. Normally, real estate experts give free CMAs.
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When you can access financing and you’re faced with a number of investment options, land may not always be the automatic choice. So, why consider land in Texas, rather than inject cash into a mutual fund or stocks, or buy a home? For starters, you can have fun using your land in the best way you’ve developed it. While stocks and mutual funds provide financial rewards, the benefits of land extend beyond financials–land can be used for fun activities including fishing, hunting, canoeing, and camping. The second point is that land is one of the rarest investments that are known to only surge in value unless a disaster happens. On the contrary, stocks can drop in value within a day, weeks, or months. The third point is that you can harness your land in a variety of ways. You could subdivide your land, lease it, develop a part of it, or build a home on it. If you invested in a home instead, your future options are not many, except for sale. Stocks and mutual funds also do not give you plenty of options when you’re having second thoughts about the investments. How Does Ag Exemption Work? You may be eligible for agricultural exemption–a specific application valuation that gets you to pay lower taxes when you buy land in rural Texas. If you’ve put your land into practices like fodder production, wildlife conservation, or livestock farming, you can apply to have the piece taxed based on its agricultural production value as opposed to its fair market value. The Matter of Lending If you’re buying rural land, large metropolitan banks may not be interested in funding your acquisition. You can find the lowest interest rates and down payments within community banks and rural land lenders that are familiar with the local property market. Ordinarily, community financial institutions and rural lenders that are well-versed with the local property market can offer some of the best interest rates and lowest down payments. Rural lenders and other community banks don’t hesitate to finance purchases where they operate and in close-by counties as they’re well-versed with land values and demand trends. That level of confidence by local banks about the local land market translates into more affordable lending and longer loan terms.