Preparing Your Outside the Property for Winter and Hurricane Seasons

Preparing Your Outside the property for winter and hurricane seasons  – Most countries are affected at least a dozen storms each year. The winter season also brings a lot of damage to many properties in several countries. Unfortunately, every year, these poor weather conditions cause as much damage and has even become the cause of many deaths in several countries. As such, before and during the hurricane season and winter, it is very important that you and your family are prepared for the coming attack any extreme weather condition that can happen or come your way.

You may already know the basics of what you need to do at home and in preparation for the storm season and winter. But, you know what to do to prepare the exterior of your home for these seasons of bad weather? And outside, this belongs to your lawn or garden.

There is no doubt that every year to properly prepare for the rainy season and winter. However, it is possible to neglect doing some important tasks to prepare your lawn and all plants having an out and other man-made features you have in your garden for these stations. Below are some of the vital tasks to do or take to prepare your lawn for the next strong and destructive rains, winds, storms, snow and even flooding.

Trim or prune all trees and tall plants in your lawn. Falling branches can cause a lot of damage to your property and others nearby, especially when the winds are strong. Remove all dead limbs and branches rot. If there are some branches hanging over your roof or your neighbor, cut or cause to be removed immediately.

If you have some potted plants, secure them properly or put them inside your home or garage. Probably destroyed during heavy rains, storms and snow.

For smaller plants located around your yard, you can tie securely in the gardens with the use of strong and durable ropes and stakes to avoid being uprooted.

Home contracting and maintenance experts say it can also cover your plants, flowers and even your lawn with some thick cloth or blankets landscape necessary to protect from strong winds, rain and snow storms.

Finally, if you have some outdoor furniture such as chairs and tables and other equipment lawn air, do not forget to store it in your garage. You do not want to fly around when it becomes windy outside as these could cause significant damage to your property. And you do not want is destroyed too.