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Home Buyers – Why You Should Buy a Home Now

For interested home buyers, you have to be familiar with the home-buying process so you can easily purchase the home you always dream to own. There are many opportunities, especially on how you can save on the down payment and how to have a pleasant buying experience. And there are various reasons why it is now the time to purchase a home.

You should take advantage of the low interest rates but you don’t have to wait for the rates to move even lower. You have to watch out for the times if the interest rates can make dramatic jumps even in merely one day. Some people end up being priced out of the market as a result of the payments that turn out to be very high. Consider also the mortgage programs offered to first time home buyers with the effort to keep low interest rates. These include lower interest loans and grants, which are available in almost every state with the course being taught in every detail. These offers have been incredibly beneficial over the past couple of years.

The government also provides first time home buyer tax credit but its prerequisite is for a first time home buyer to have not owned a home in the past three years. It is just offered for a specific period so you ought to sign a contract and close on the purchase ahead of the end date so you will never run out of time. As one of the interested home buyers, you should not wait too long because there is no guarantee that the government will give a chance to extend the home buyer credit.

First time home buyers have the chance to avail of low home prices and various deals being offered. Let us face the fact even though prices are low today, they will start to rise eventually. You have to grab the chance to the incredible deals being offered as long as you meet with the requirements of a first time home buyer. There are many homes out there that have the right price once you factor in foreclosure and bank owned properties. Some home sellers can pay up to 5% of the closing costs to the buyers. Aside from the closing costs being paid, first time home buyers can also avail of the interest rate being brought down. Once you buy down the rate, this signifies that the seller is paying so that they buyer can get a lower rate.

You should be aware of several changes, especially in the lending guidelines that took place since the market offering. The minimum down payment might be raised as well as the upfront mortgage insurance premium while lessening the maximum seller contribution to the closing costs. This means that home buyers have several benefits to avail and buy their dream property.

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