Cleaning – Getting Started & Next Steps

Move-out Properly to Avoid Any Future Problems

When you already have a plan of moving out in a couple of months and you want your deposited bond money to be returned to you in full, you need to consider doing a move-out cleaning checklist to properly turnover the property you rented.

The moment you decide to rent a space, house or apartment, part of the money you pay for is the damage security which is paid before you even move-in to your new place. The bond you paid will be spent by the owner for repairs and cleaning once you decide to leave their property. But once you decide to ask the bond money you gave to the owner, you need to ensure the owner that you will leave their place without any damages and it should be clean.

Things to do after moving in:

Prior to moving in, you need to secure a complete checklist of all the items you want to place inside your new home may it be your doors, windows, carpets and even your appliances. It is also important that you include the status of these items so that you will be able to monitor them easily. A video clip of your new home is also an advisable thing to do because you are able to see the original look of your place and them moment you leave the place years from now, you can go back to the video and see the difference.

Things to do before moving out:

Before you decide to leave the house for good, it is your duty to check for any busted items inside and you need to change them all. But if ever you forget to change these items and you leave the house immediately, expect that the owner of the place will take and spend the damage security bond you gave them the moment you move-in for them to do the repairs.

If the house’s wall is carpeted, you either hire a professional cleaner to the cleaning or you can just resort to a do-it-yourself clean up if you don’t have extra money for it. One of the easiest ways to decide on the cleaning of the carpeted walls is to compare it with the original state so that you will know what the original wall looks like. You must be able to bring it back to its original condition just like your day 1. You also have to check the walls for any signs of marks or stains. Stains are very visible that is why it will be a big problem if you happen to see one on the wall. Removing the stain is difficult but if you want to do it on your own, you need to make sure that you will not remove the paint or else you will have to pay more than your bond money.

The bottom line is, check everything first and leave the place the way it appeared on your first day of stay.