Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Rewards? This May Help

Benefits of AA Sobriety Coins There are many people out there who have been fighting alcohol addiction for many years but they just can quit. The organization’s traditions recommend that members and groups remain anonymous in public media, helping other alcoholics and avoid official affiliations with other groups. There are about thirteen basic coins that are given to members within their first year of sobriety. They are white chip for a day of sobriety, silver chip for a month, red chip for 3 months, yellow chip for six months, green chip for nine months and bluechip for a year of sobriety. The AA sobriety coins are usually of different colors like red, green, white, yellow and others. A nationally and worldwide groups. Private companies opted to start making these sobriety coins for AA even though they are not affiliated to them. Their effectiveness made them prefer using them more and more. To understand the effectiveness of these coins in dealing with alcoholism, let us look at some of the things they can help you achieve. The offer Motivation
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They are used as a means of motivating someone to continue staying sober. To beat the alcoholism habit you need something to always give you a reason to continue with the recovering process, one minor distraction may lead to relapsing. What this does in the end is to motivate someone to stay sober so as to get a “better” coin. In this case it is the sobriety coin that has the most duration of sobriety, if for this month he was given for 3 months next time he aims to get a coin with more duration.
5 Lessons Learned: Rewards
They equally inspire AA sobriety coins are inspirational, which is something any person trying to fight alcoholism needs. Having something to remind you of the far you came from and how far you have gone inspires you to continue staying sober. Helps overcome temptations Any alcohol addict knows the effect temptation has on the recovery process. The sight of alcohol of alcohol, especially when you are alone is hard to overcome. When you have something like a reward for the accomplishments you have made, no amount of temptation is easily going to deter you from the course. You will sometimes be alone in and resisting that bottle of whisky will be all about personal choices. With a sobriety coin you have something you can look at to remind you of the journey your taking and the commitment you made. Imagine staying committed to the course for a longer time until you earned a longer period sobriety coin only for it to be taken after relapsing. By all means the vice must be fought to restore what has been lost. Staying sober after an alcohol addiction needs a combination of both physical and physiological approaches in fighting the vice. The meaning attached to these coins has made them one of the most effective ways of staying sober.