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Hotel Phone Systems: Common Features Offered You reading this article is an indication that you are highly interested in knowing that features that come with most hotel phone systems of the current time. Without so much ado, below are some of the most popular and useful features of hotel phone systems. The Voicemail Feature Undoubtedly, all clients want voicemail in their telephone systems. Staying on handwritten messages can take away a great deal of money and time from you. If you are a business person, you would wish to be able to make use of your resources in a more efficient way and so sad to say that handwritten messages cannot help you with that. Through voicemail, you won’t be into issues like missed phone numbers or incorrect word spelling. Voicemail takes away limits in your callers, giving them ample freedom to tell you exactly what they want you to know. But then again, it is your choice who can do voicemail to you and who can’t. In some systems, voicemail is free while in others, it requires additional pay.
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Those people who are managing business just need hands-free speakers so much. This feature is just so useful. Primarily, it gives you the ability to go on with your tasks while waiting on hold. Next, it allows you to dial numbers without you needing to pick up the telephone. More than that, it gives you the ability to convert the call into a conference with many other participants in your office. Furthermore, it lets you use your computer even when you are having a conversation to your caller. Messages or Music Played on Hold Music on hold or message on hold (MOH) is an in-demand feature that is made available by lots of phone systems these days. It gives you the ability to give them messages of greeting or perhaps a played music while they are waiting in the call queue. There are different messages available for the day and night times. This feature is a must have, especially if you do get several callers every day. Overall, this features allows you not to miss any single call. There are more features that can be experienced from a hotel phone system. Others that are also considered essential are phone system software, conference calls, headset compatibility, speed dialing, auto attendant, greeting message, transfer calls and so on and so forth. As is usually the case, the quality as well as the quantity of features that are made to come with your phone system is dependent upon the kind of package that you are getting. Different packages have different prices. Be sure to ask some questions to your phone system company.