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The Benefits of Using 3D Virtual Tours Nowadays, it is possible to see what is inside a building or a structure without seeing the real structure itself, thanks to 3D virtual tours. The 3D virtual tour is now becoming very popular and is widely used in different businesses like architectural, construction, travel, and real estate companies. Clients can see structures and their interiors even when it has not been constructed yet, and they can also see structures which they have not been to, as a result of 3D virtual tours. Virtual tours have movie versions which are very interesting. With virtual tour movies, one can see the inside of a structure from different angles because the camera moves along these angles. Aside from the movie version, the other version consists of a sequence of animated photographs taken from inside the structure and take from different angle points. Movie versions are the best virtual tour versions especially if you need to show it to a group of people, or it can also be a downloadable movie online. Another type of virtual tour is the interactive virtual tour and is more complicated. If a virtual tour is interactive then the audience can participate by selecting options that they want the tour to take. With the interactive virtual tour, the audience can simply click some buttons to change the movie scene if they want to see other places or angles of the structure. There are movies versions and photograph versions of interactive virtual tours.
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The way these virtual tours are created is by using 3D modeling and rendering programs. Creating a 3D model of the structure to be toured is the first step in creating a virtual tour. After the model is done, it is textured and the other parts of the tour are created in other programs.
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Sometimes another program, a landscape program is needed to create highly realistic terrains and ecosystems to place the model in. The creation of terrain and ecosystem will come next so the structure will be in a place with plants and trees around. In the timeline, the creator uses the different frames and then take a video with the camera depicting the places inside the structure where he wants to take it. Then he renders it and saves it in a usable format. These virtual tours are now becoming very popular in real estate business. Even without going to the address, a client is able to see the house and its interiors with a virtual tour. Showing rooms to their guests using the 3D virtual tour is also now being used in different hotel chains. And importantly, this application is used by contractors and architects when they want to propose a construction project and are trying to get it approved for funding.