Nice Location to Avoid Crowded Boston

I looked online for an apartment for rent in Arlington MA because I simply couldn’t take another day of trying to commute around the city. I decided to move to Arlington, Massachusetts in order to get away from the crowds in Boston. Granted, Arlington isn’t that far from Boston (it’s only six miles north), but it makes a world of difference from the place I used to live which was smack dab in the city. I just got tired of the noise, the traffic, and the pollution. All that stuff gives you constant headache and it’s not healthy at all.

The best thing about the apartment complex where I now live is the people. Most of them are, like me, trying to escape hectic city life. We love to sit around and share our horror stories about daily life in Boston. Since most of us still drive into the city to work, we continually have new stories to share but it’s like our complex is this clubhouse of Boston expats and it creates a really cozy atmosphere and makes me glad I decided to live here. Also worth noting is how clean the place is. Boston is dirty, even in the nice parts.

I was initially sold on my apartment because of the friendly staff and the apartment amenities that made it so that I didn’t have to leave to do things like exercise. There are bike and walking paths nearby! Also, and this is important, it’s a non-smoking facility. I have never enjoyed being around smokers and it’s great to know there aren’t any here, and even if there are they aren’t doing it in the units where doing so could start a fire. Yes, I really enjoy living here and have no plans to leave anytime soon. It’s so much better than the city.