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Pointers for Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Wedding Most professional photographers began their careers shooting weddings. This may mean exploring tons of prospects out there before finally finding the right fit. Start by asking people you personally know – your friends or relatives may have some recommendations to make, especially if they’ve been married recently themselves. You can also do some online research or ask other professionals who are involved in your wedding, such as your florist or even the venue’s manager. Reality is, the best photographers are booked around a year in advance, which means you need to start looking the moment you’ve finalized your wedding date. If you’re thinking of an out-of-season or a Sunday wedding, however, there should be less issues about availability. Still, it’s safe to book no later than six months before the date.
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Having created a shortlist of photographers – around two or three perhaps – you can start screening them. Look for that photographer who best satisfies your needs and requirements and, of course, your budget. See how they’ll probably perform in a variety of environments. What emotions do you want your photos to express?
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Regardless of the amount of research you’ve done on your prospective photographers, it’s still not good enough if you can’t interview them in person. Ask each of them to show you two or three complete wedding albums, and not just their best shots. Examine the pictures’ technical quality (grain, clarity, composition, etc.) and the photographer’s style. Are the guests relaxed in the photos, or do they look self-conscious? Does the emotional tone in the pictures come out organically or forced? Remember, the albums of your prospective photographer will dictate how your own albums will look like if you do decide to hire him. At the interview, inquire how long they’ve worked as a photographer and how many weddings they’ve covered. A photographer may have been in the industry for decades, yet only a year has been dedicated to weddings. Wedding photography is quite special – there’s pressure and the emotional energy which is not for everyone. Also ask if your prospects have shot at your wedding venue in the past. Previous experience of an area should help him make better results. Additionally, ask them what equipment they use. You may be no pro yourself, but you have to know anyway. You’ll find that it’s worth knowing more than you thought. Combining digital and film photography, for instance, has its benefits. Ask what program is used for editing, and if they say they don’t edit, forget about them. Finally, make sure you have a contract and that you read all of its details carefully before you sign it. Be specific on which parts of the day should be shot and how many hours the photographer should stay with you.