My Hair is My Secret for Staying Youthful on the Job

I like my hair in the tightly coiled strands that hang down in all directions. Not dreads, just tight coils. I have 4C hair, and that is Type 4 coily hair. The strands are tightly coiled. My sister calls it “the mop look,” but it is really cute on me. I know because it gets a lot of compliments from people I have never even met before. Now that I am getting a bit older, it is a little tougher to maintain. Your hair gets thinner as you age, and that often prompts women into getting new hairstyles.

I did not have thinning hair as in it was falling out. I had thinner hair in that the individual hair strands were actually thinner. The diameter of each piece of hair was growing in smaller as time went on. If your hair strands lose 50 percent of their thickness for each strand, that is a 50 percent reduction in your overall hair thickness. Fortunately, I found easy to insert 4C hair that I could use at home to keep my youthful look with my hair.

The skin on my face did not have any wrinkles yet. I still had great muscle tone and no sagging under my eyes or under my chin. My skin looked young, so I figured I could hang onto “the mop look” a little while longer. I figured I had a few years before I had to go with the style my grandmother was wearing for her hair when she was my age.

The hair makes me look perkier and peppier at work than I actually am. Perception goes a long way. I get the better assignments because I look the youngest. The bosses pick me because they perceive me to have a higher capacity for tougher assignments. They have told me flat out that other workers are a bit too old to take on some of the new client work. Funny thing is that I am older than some of those coworkers they are talking about.