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Factors to Consider When Buying Janitorial Bidding Software One of the biggest challenges that are faced by most cleaning business owners is the ability to give accurate quotes or bids. It is a tough balance, if you under quote you will make a loss and if you over quote you risk losing your clients and creating a bad reputation. You must, therefore, acquire a janitorial bidding software. This software also makes it possible to account for very specific variables. For example, a janitorial bidding software is able to account for extra time cleaning and cleaning difficulty. There many types of software, and choosing among them can be quite challenging. These types of software are designed differently and; therefore, you must be able to make a decision based on your need. Your business will be significantly affected by the software you choose to use. Consider the software’s accuracy or precision. This software is supposed to help develop bids that are accurate. You will need a software that is designed to use those variables that you are part of your business. These variables include cleaning frequency and the building density. Other variables include the fixture such as carpets and the size of the building in question. Your software provider needs to assure you that the software will compute accurate results as per the inputs.
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The software should be easy to use for both you and your staff. The best software can be operated upon receiving light training on its use. By following instruction is the user’s guide, you should be able to get accurate bids. You will also need to ensure that the software also has a user-friendly interface. If a software has a complex user interface; it may be confusing to the user, and this may affect the way bids are generated. Everything on the software should be straightforward and for a particular purpose. If a software’s dashboard is cluttered, you should avoid buying that software. It is, therefore, important that you find a software company that also provides basic training on how to use the janitorial bidding software they provide.
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Analyze the specific features each janitorial bidding software offers. This may include the ability to give the client a number of packages to choose from. This is not common as the different types of software are made differently. For instance, the client may have the option to choose either full cleaning, economy or partial cleaning. This would be of great advantage to you as it helps you retain more clients and build an excellent reputation. A software that is able to store the client details is also a good option. This can be very helpful when preparing a proposal for your client. The software should be able to have information on the company, do data analysis and have the client’s information too. Find a software that enables you to write impressive reports. Today, presentation is very important. Ensure that this reports are legible and well presented.