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How Mining Of Iron Ore Is Done Iron has a chemical name Fe and at the same time, constitutes around 5 percent of earth’s crust making it one of the most abundant rock forming elements. Whether you believe it or not, this is the 4th most abundant element next to oxygen, silicon as well as aluminum. The most widely and abundant element distributed is metal after aluminum. Iron is actually indispensable to contemporary civilization and people have been skilled in using it for more than 3 millennium. On the other hand, in 14th century when the smelting furnaces started replacing forges is when its use become widespread. As a matter of fact, iron ores are rocks from which metallic irons could be extracted economically. Most of the time, these rocks are discovered in forms of magnetite or Fe3O4 or hematite or Fe2O3. Approximately, 98 percent of world’s iron ore production is utilized to create iron in form of steel. These iron ores provide as the foundation for among the major export industries in Australia. Much like any other iron ore mines around the globe, all the major Australian iron ore mines are cut open. Basically, the ores from the major mines in Australia’s western region is located in Pilbara region to which these are hauled from the working faces to the crushing and screening plants by using trucks that could carry more or less 300 tons. Then, the ore will be transported for additional treatment and blending to port sites in trains, which consist of up to 3 locomotives and around 250 wagons. The size of train usually reaches longer than 2 kilometres and consist loads that sometimes exceed 25,000 tons. The concentration consists of processes that’ll increase or upgrade the iron content of ore by way of removing impurities. For beneficiation, this is a slightly broader term which includes these processes as well as those that make the ore more usable by improving physical properties like sintering and pelletising. To be able to improve the properties and grade of their products, majority of the iron mines employ some kind of beneficiation.
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Mt. Whaleback and Mt. Tom Price are the major concentration areas which have allowed low grade iron ores just like the ores that are contaminated with shale and to be mind after upgrading and then sold at as a high grade product. The operation of concentration has actually increased the resources of iron ore at these mines.
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Pelletising is the treatment process utilized for powdery or very fine ores. The pellets are perfect blast furnace feed as they are hard and regular shape and size. Sintering on the other hand is a process utilized to agglomerate the iron ore fines to prepare for blast furnace smelting and is carried out at steelmaking and iron centres.