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Tips To Remember If You Want To Buy A New House

Buying a house is something that must be taken seriously. After all, not just it is going to be the biggest investment you will make but also, it may become the place you live for as long as you live. With this in mind, it is vital that you take into consideration the purchase, most especially if it’s a loft or a high rise condominium.

Number 1. Use the services of a real estate agent who is familiar with the market – successful home purchase relies on your ability of finding real estate agent who’s familiar with the market. There are so many specialized agents and you need to find the one that specializes in purchase and sale of lofts and condos. With the right real estate agent on your side, they can help you know what is available and can help you find the right house.

Number 2. Consider HOA fees and what they cover – lofts and condos are normally under HOA or Home Owner’s Association. And with this type of ownership, you would be charged either monthly or annual fees to cover the incurred expenses by community owned property. The fees cover the upkeep and maintenance of the building so you must ask your realtor regarding the amenities and fees prior to making a commitment to the purchase.

Number 3. Read the HOAs conditions, restrictions and covenants – HOA will additionally give you list of covenants, conditions and restrictions or simply known as CCRs. You want to go over this carefully in order for you to understand what can and can’t be done into the unit you are planning to buy. And if you have plans of doing renovations to it, this is going to be a lot more important.

Number 4. Review HOA budget as well as meeting minutes – it would even give you some ideas of where the fees will go and to how the community is run by being able to review the HOA budget and meeting minutes. You can decide to reconsider and to look for other buildings if there are lots of conflicts between the members of the community.

Number 5. Review the building plans – it is vital that you look at building plans for the unit that you’re considering whether or not you’re planning for renovation. You may have telephone wires to the whole building that runs through your unit and wish to give it a renovation. This as a matter of fact will play a big role in what you can and can’t do in your own unit.

Make it a point that you’ve reviewed these things thoroughly as it’ll help you make the right purchase for new home.

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