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Common Types Of Property Management Services Clients are able to get extensive range of property management services by working with professional management companies. In an effort to have a successful result, the firm should be aware of the different requirements of the real estate investment and provide exact service. But in the following paragraphs, I will be speaking about the common services provided by property management firms to investors. Number 1. Determining the ideal rental rate – a manager will be carrying out a thorough evaluation of the property in order to determine the right rental rate for it. Most of the time, this involves documenting both the exterior and interior with quality photos, researching comparables as well as their current rental rates, offering suggestions on cosmetic improvements and repairs and discussing with owners the benefits and drawbacks of restrictions and policies on the property.
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Number 2. Marketing the unit to prospective tenants – any competent property manger needs to provide many different things and be involved actively to the whole process of getting new tenants for the property. Normally, this indicates that they work on preparing for home rent, create marketing and ads for the rental both offline and online, meeting with potential tenants throughout the week and even weekend showings, providing legal compliant rental application, collecting the signed application with application fee, fielding calls from prospects for viewings and questions, working with leasing agents and other realtors to find tenants and many more.
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Number 3. Screening potential tenants for the units – delinquent or troublesome tenant is something that every landlord is trying to avoid. Therefore, the property management firm is screening every tenant carefully and carry out the necessary background check, grading the tenant according to their pre-defined criteria and informing the tenants who were chosen and those who were turned down of the decision. On the other hand, you must know that doing this process doesn’t completely eliminate the risks of bad tenants but at least, this is enough to bring it down to the minimum. Number 4. Supervising the move-in of tenants – providing assistance throughout the moving process of tenants is what experienced and seasoned property managers do. It is the job of the manager to draw the lease agreement and review the requirements with the tenants in an effort to ensure that they really understand their duties, perform detailed move in inspection, ensure that all of critical agreements are signed and collecting security deposit and first month’s rent. Number 5. Rent collection – it is the job of the property managers to collect rent from the property. They must deal proactively with due payments, enforce the late fees that are specified in leasing agreement and send out quit or pay notices.