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You’ll become a words writer and a poet also, if you are delivered with a specific talent.

As you of essential associates the new inspired trend of China after 89s, Artist Fang Li-jun has created a setting of expressing along with additional painters in this pattern, that is Skeptical Reality, one of them, the “Balding Popi” impression created by Fang Li-jun in his number of oil painting works made since 1988, has become a sort of vintage dialect representations, which designated a form of survived emotion of humdrum temper and Popi wit which were existing in the late 80is and half of early 90’s in China, more extensively, it designated thehumanistic and mental thoughts of contemporary people Extensively. Perhaps, both East and West, modern intellectuals all have become a little more Popi, since, once we confronted to on earth today, we felt dependent and dismayed increasingly more, and we are nolonger accomplished as individuals in Franz Kafka and Jiekemeidi occasion, who can through disclosing the absurd living to give vent to their inner melancholy when feel the oppression result from the environmental surroundings, and noted their particular separate will. Today we virtually can not recognize the limits between us using the environment, the freedom we regarded, probably merely a results of a visit specific kind of environment, we laugh in the planet, probably simply giggle at ourselves, then we have no other selection but to become Popi. Artisan Li- jun Disciplines Review: Mr. Fang Li -jun, who was created in November 4, 1963 in Handan area, China, Hebei province; In 1980 finished from Handan College for Youngsters of Train Personnel;In 1983 graduated in the Ceramic Fine Arts Department at Hebei Faculty ofLight Sector;In 1989 finished at the Print Division in the Central Academy of Finearts; In 2004 was employed as a visiting teacher by the Finearts Start at Jilin Art Academy Currently Fang Li- jun is living in Beijing and acted as a skilled performer. Main Participated Displays: 1984: The 6th National Art Present (Guangzhou); 1989: China Modern Art Present (China Art Gallery, Beijing); 1992 New Art Show 1992: China Avant Garde Art Display; 1995: Our Century (Ludwig Gallery, German) 1996: Talk To China (Ludwig Forum, AACHEN German) 2001: New Image of Contemporary Painting 2002: Guangzhou Modern Art Display Triennial (Guangdong Art Gallery, Guangzhou) 2003: Alors, La Chine (Pompidou Center, London) 2003: An Open Instances (China Memorial, Beijing) 2005: New Work/New Purchases (MOMA, Nyc) 2007: China- Reality? Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (Modern Museum, Vienna) 2007: Cina XXI secolo. Arte fra identit e trasformazione?the Palazzo delle Esposizionz (Rome) 2007: China Modern Art Literature Display (Beijing) 2007: Athens – Modern Artwork from China Present (Portugal Nationwide Contemporary Art Center, Athens) 2007: Facing China (Akureyri Gallery, Iceland) 2007: Halflife of a Fantasy: Modern Chinese Artwork from the Logan Selection (Bay Area Modern Memorial, U.S.A.) 2007: Berlin Asian Art Museum Show (Berlin Asian Art Museum, German) 2008: Dreams – 2008 Oriental Art Biennial (Guan’du Memorial at State Taipei Artwork University, Taipei) 2008: Avantgarde China – China Modern Art in Two Decades (State Overseas Art Gallery, Osaka Japan).