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The Importance Of The Sobriety Chips Offered By Alcoholics Anonymous There are many reasons why an individual may decide to start drinking. In many cases, however, the reasons are all the same: experimenting. When the experimenting phase is done; most keep drinking so they can belong to the ‘cool club’. Those who thought life was easy after that realize that they were wrong. They continue drinking because they have no jobs, and sill have bills to pay. Occasionally you sleep in the bar drinking all night. On waking with a terrible hangover, you will want to take one or two. This, you think, gives you a little time to be rid of your problems. Being friendless has taken away the coolness you thought being part of the cool club would bring. To get a drink, you skip meals and; thus, your health is deteriorating. So that you do no die like any other junkie in a gutter somewhere, you realize you need to do something. Most people who become alcoholics have this kind of life. Knowing when to stop does not help as most are unable to stop. Friends and family take them to rehabilitation centers and there, they begin to get a clear mind. To start a new they must acknowledge how much they have destroyed their lives in the past. Helping those who are not clean and have decided to be sober is the reason sobriety groups have been set up. Sobriety chips or recovery chips are methods that have been formulated to help recovering addicts be free from addictions. Sobriety chips have no monetary value, but the sentimental value they possess is far beyond what they may possess. Success is found when physical items are linked with psychological success.
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To help recovering addicts do better, the coins are used. Getting the chips helps them keep themselves from falling back into temptation. If they made it through a tough 24 hours without a single drop why not try another 24 hours? The value of the coin is found in the meaning it carries.
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Recovery chips are a good way to make people feel rewarded and proud of themselves. They get to feel pride in their efforts to get their lives back on track and to save their lives in the process. Giving other addicts hope and knowing they have the support of their families is what keeps them going. They know they can do everything they set their mind to because they have achieved the difficult task of being sober. This coin will also be a source of psychological torture to anyone who secretly backslides. It will give them feelings of remorse to remember how far they had come. The coin becomes “dirty” when a person receives it while they had secretly gone back to drinking. Therefore, even when your peers do not know it, your coin, to you as lost the value it was supposed to hold.