I Wanted Something Better for Myself

I am a very simple person, so I think it surprised my family and friends when I told them why I wanted to buy a New Futura condo in Singapore. They were not used to me wanting something so luxurious. To be honest, it surprised me too. I had been living in a small house with one bedroom, and it took me nearly 30 minutes to get to work every day. It usually took me longer to get home because traffic was worse at that time of day. After several years of this, I just had enough.

I decided to move closer to work, so I looked at the different condos available in District 9. As soon as I saw New Futura, I knew that was where I wanted to be. It is extremely luxurious, but it also looks extremely comfortable. I knew that I wanted to live there as soon as I saw the twin towers and all that is offered there. I did not need a large condo, but I did want something a bit bigger than what I had been living in. I thought a two bedroom condo would be nice.

I did not need a guest bedroom because everyone who I hang out with already has their own condo close by. I figured it would be good to convert into a home office. I am able to work from home when I want to, but I just did not have the space, so I chose to drive in to work every day. Now, not only will I be closer for the days when I need to be there for a meeting, but my condo will have the space I need to work from home a lot too. That just gives me more time to enjoy all the features that New Futura has for those of us living there.