I Just Picked Up the New Boss

I went down to Logan this morning and waited for the new boss to show up. Of course I knew that it was going to be a relative of the big boss in NYC. This is a big firm, but I thought it was going to be a man. The name that they gave me was Stevie, which is not always a nickname for Steven. It is also a nickname for Stephania. At any rate she was surprisingly attractive and the first thing I did was to show her some Boston luxury apartments for rent. She did not like the first two places that I showed her, but the third one was fine with her. I pointed out that it was not going to be an ideal location for the commute, but that did not really effect her. Of course that is all her decision. When I got done I gave her the keys to the company car that they gave me, but she got me to show her how to get to this club. At once I realized that she wanted to go so see a band that I liked too.

Of course it was a surprise to me and I asked her about it. She said that she had seen them a couple of times and that she knew the engineer for the band. I laughed since I knew this guy too, although in fact he is something of an odd person and you never know what he is going to be when you see him. One time you will see him and he will be the nicest guy in the world. The next time he will be a grumpy person who is really rude. She knew this about him and told me that his mother would always chasten him about this.